Amazing Tornado Facts

Amazing Tornado Facts

Small tornadoes sometimes form on the edge of bigger tornadoes.

In Oklahoma, a small herd of cattle were sucked up by a tornado and carried across the countryside, before being set down unharmed.

In 1981, a tornado that swept through the Italian City of Ancona lifted a sleeping baby from its baby carriage and set it down unharmed on the ground.

The UK gets about 60 tornadoes a year, even with its moderate climate.

The deadliest Tornado happened in 1925. It swept through three states and killed 689 people and injured 2,000.

Tornadoes is from the Spanish word, tronada, meaning thunderstorm.

Dust Devils are strong tornadoes that pass over desert areas.

Some people in ancient times thought dust devils were ghosts.

The safest place to be during a Tornado is underground, which makes basements and cellars the ideal shelters to get away from Tornadoes.

Most of the world’s destructive tornadoes occur during the the summer in mid-western states of the US.

Sometimes multiple tornadoes form and travel together in swarms.

Rescue workers have compared the destruction left behind by a tornado to a bomb blast.

Cities have also been hit by tornadoes like Nashville and St. Louis.

Tornadoes have hit places even in big cities like in Brooklyn.

The myth of opening the windows in a house will help prevent a tornado from it being destroyed is false. In fact, opening the wrong windows could allow air to rush in and blow the house apart from the inside.

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