7 Must Visit Places In Casablanca

Let’s face the fact; people are more concerned about their work than ever before. Well, it is the need of the time as it is not easy to earn bread and butter these days. But working hard all the time can lead you towards deteriorated health. You want a much-needed break from work, then visiting Casablanca is the best option. Just put aside your workaholic tendencies and plan an exciting trip to Casablanca, which is worth visiting. Casablanca is the central gateway to Morocco and has numerous tourists’ places to visit.


If you don’t know Casablanca is the chief port of Morocco and is located in the western-central part. It is one of the biggest financial centers in the region. The city population is about 3.5 million. When it comes to visiting Casablanca, it does have a few tourists’ places that are worth visiting. Casablanca is Morocco’s industrial center and business powerhouse, so; you do not need to worry about finding a place to stay. No matter you are on vacation or visiting Casablanca for work you should stay at least one night in the city to explore the places given below:

  1. Safi:

Almohade rulers made Safi a spiritual and intellectual center. Since Roman times Safi is an important port and is located in the south of Casablanca. If you are wondering what to visit there, then you probably don’t know that Portuguese occupied the land in 1508 and they built Dar-al-Bahar fortress there. As a matter of fact, it is the most recognizable monument of Safi.

  1. Central Market:

There are a lot of shopping malls where you can find designer outfits and stuff. But if you love shopping, then you should definitely visit the central market of Casablanca. It is a bustling market in the town where you will see homemakers buying groceries and grocers yelling their best prices to sell items. Everything is available there, and you can find your favorite things at a reasonable rate, but you may have to bargain to get the best price.

  1. Mohammedia:

Looking for a place where you could stay relaxed on fine beaches then Mohammedia is the best place. It is the second-largest port of Morocco still it’s beauty has been affected by industry. There are cafés and restaurants for tourists so that they can enjoy on the beach without worrying about food. It is a bustling area, especially in summer when it seems that the entire Casablanca has come to enjoy the beach.

  1. Cathedral du Sacre Coeur:

Cathedral du Sacre Coeur is a graceful building that was built in the year 1930. You like visiting historical places; then it can be the right choice. Though the building needs a serious restoration as the time has left his impact on the cathedral building, still it is a fascinating place. The building is the blend of both Moroccan and European architecture. The best part is that the guardian allows the tourists to enter the building and have a look at the past glory of the cathedral. If you are near Casablanca and looking for the places to visit, then go to Cathedral du Sacre Coeur. You will not be disappointed at all.

  1. Moroccan Jewish Museum:

It is the only Jewish Museum in the Arab world. The museum is located in an attractive garden that was used to serve as a Jewish orphanage. If you want to know about or see the Jewish culture and traditions then must visit the Moroccan Jewish Museum.

  1. Place Mohamed V:

It is the central plaza in Casablanca where you can find the city’s important buildings including:

  • The main bank of Casablanca
  • Main post office
  • Palace of justice
  • Prefecture

When you are in Casablanca, you can visit the Place Mohammed V, which is a favorite local spot for promenading during the evening. You will have fun while visiting the plaza as there are well-tended gardens and a central fountain as well.

  1. Azemmour:

It is the village eighty-eight kilometers of Casablanca that has a few sights for the visitors. It was a village that was somehow left off the list, but you will have a good time in Azemmour.

Casablanca is a place that will not disappoint you whatsoever. If you are going on vacations to Morocco, then consider the place at least for one night. The streets of the town will let you enjoy the city life, and historical places will tell you about their glorious times.

No matter you are going alone, with friends or family it will be a great experience to spend some time with them on the sandy beaches. The city has luxurious hotels for the tourists, so you do not need to worry about anything. However, if you are thinking about the budget then no problem,