Favorite Game of Travelers with Playing Cards

If you are an avid traveler you have inevitably experienced some form of delay during your travel time period, and not once or twice but numerous times. In which, the majority of the times you must have been incredibly bored due to the long hours of waiting with nothing on hand to do to keep yourself busy or occupied with.  All the while having no access to Wi-Fi, TV or any other form of entertainment to get you out of your misery. The delay could have been on buses, airports or you may just have been in your hotel room with some free time on hand.

So you may have numerously asked yourself the same question over and over in these situations which is, what do you do in these situations? The best and most simple answer to this question is to play a good old-fashioned game of cards.

It has various benefits than just helping you get out of your boredom and an easy solution to killing some time. It is easy to carry, light, and does not consume a lot of space hence is saving you’re a lot of space. Even if you barely have any room left to add one more item, you can just purchase smaller than average custom playing cards. Moreover, it is cheap to purchase and is very cost-effective for the whole deal it has to offer!

Even if you do not have a travel companion alongside you, you have no reason to worry. Playing a good game of cards can help you get in touch with and create new friendships with other travelers while you’re at it because who doesn’t like a quick good game of cards? It is a high form of an entertaining activity which not only helps pass the time but also makes use of your brain which helps keep it occupied and distracted from the fact that you are facing some sort of a delay.

You can either look for one other companion to play with you in your surrounding or gather a group of people to play with.  Chances are that other people in your surrounding may get intrigued when you ask one other person to play with and then join in on the fun by either enjoying the game from outside or becoming a part in the game. One hefty tip is to spend a bit more while you’re at it and purchase a waterproof and durable pack instead of the regular so that they can be used for a much longer time.

Some of the favorite game among travelers with playing cards, which you can also play, is as follows:

  • Crazy Eights with 2-5 players only
  • I doubt it also known as Cheat with four or more players
  • Sevens with three or more players
  • Old Maid with two or more players
  • ERS with two or more players
  • Nervioso with a very large group of players
  • Rummy with wither 3 or 4 players only