How spinelli’s lynnfield is best place for wedding photography

Spinelli’s ravishing grounds are located on the Suntaug lake in the north of Boston. It is the best location to host your wedding receptions. You can also host private events and business meetings. Its exquisite halls can accommodate up to 250 guests at a time.

Their rooms are absolutely gorgeous and they overlook the waterfront. They offer many wedding packages, from a sit-down dinner to a buffet. Your extravagant wedding at Spinelli’s will make all your wedding moments unforgettable and very special. Spinelli’s Lynnfield is one of the best places for event photography and wedding photography Boston.

Wedding photography at Spinelli’s

Spinelli’s will meet all of your expectations from venue decor to the photography on your big day. It is a perfect choice for extravagant wedding celebrations. The absolutely chic decor at the Spinelli’s Lynnfield reflects the mediterian style and as a result, brings the ideal themes for wedding photography.

Tuscany ballroom for relaxation

Your wedding day is one of the hectic yet a very memorable day of your life. The couple has to do a lot of preparations for the wedding day. In the morning they have to rush to the parlour and then wedding ceremony and a lot of time is spent in capturing photographs. The couple may get tired while performing all these activities. There are Tuscany ballrooms available where the couple can relax while enjoying the view of suntaug lake. The sophisticated decor pastel hue’s of different lights will make the view more beautiful for capturing wedding photographs.

Illusion suite is the best place for photography

In Spinelli’s illusion suit is the best place for photography as there is access to many natural lights here. The Boston photographer can unleash their creativity by creating the beauty of the suntaug lake through their pictures.


Spinelli’s have the best wedding photographers for the couples big day. They have a very professional wedding photographer which will make your dream wedding come true exactly the way you wanted it to be. It’s an ideal venue for a wedding. This venue will surely make your wedding cermony very ravishing and memorable day for you and your guests.