How to Engage with New Followers on Instagram

Social media engagement on Instagram is basically the interaction between the account admin and their followers. There is no specific way of engagement. It can be through likes, comments, mentions, the use of hashtags and much more. It notifies the actual number of people that view what you share,  apart from the number written under followers on the profile.

Why is engagement important?

If you are a Vlogger or a blogger, it is important for you to increase your followers and engage with them if you want your blog or business to get noticed and here is top 5 website to get Instagram followers. People who take engagement with their followers on a serious level can easily expand their business and are benefitted by it a lot. If you have no interest in your followers, ultimately they will also get bored and lose interest in your content. So interaction with the followers helps maintain their interest level.

How to engage with your followers?

The first thing you need to be aware of is your followers. You must study your followers so that you have the knowledge about what do they like the most. Knowing more about them will give you information about what type of content are they more interested in. They might not be interested in your pet and might be more fascinated with your artwork. Then you will know what to post more. There are numerous ways you can easily engage with your followers.


Ask questions

Instead of just posting about yourself, try asking your followers for their opinion or just randomly ask anything like how did they spend their day or what productive thing they did today or may be just what’s up with them. Just ask anything and watch the overwhelming response. It makes them feel good, communicative and responsive when you talk to them instead of talking about yourself.

If you’re working on something, take a picture of your work and ask them for their opinion and this will surely make them feel special. If your travelling somewhere and don’t know much about the place, ask your followers about the recommendations. Plus you never know someone from your follower might belong to that place and can guide you the best.

Respond to their comments and DMs

People that like your posts and are interested in them always leave a comment and sometimes also DM you knowing that they won’t get any response. These are your true fans. But how about surprising them with a reply? This will definitely make their day! Replying to their comments and messages that they send you will be unexpected for them and this will make them respond more often.

Go live and interact

Since engaging is beneficial, take a little time may be daily or weekly to go live and notify your followers by putting it up on your story the time you’ll be able to do it. By going live you can more effectively engage with them. Talk to them, read out loud the comments they leVe and give them answers. This will make them feel that you care about your followers.

Engaging with your followers is always a little time consuming but it is worth it. The response you get will encourage you to engage more often as it is beneficial and worthwhile. This will make you a successful blogger or whatever you are. It will help you gain followers plus make your current followers more interested in your content.

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Credits: HubSpot, Socialmediatoday & Wikipedia