How to write a recipe for dinner?

Don’t you ever just hate it when your special guest is coming over for dinner and you forget the instructions to that one thing you make the best? Or the times when your cravings are at peek and you cannot find the piece of paper you scribbled a few instructions on? Well we do for sure. Which is why, we have decided to formulate the best way to write a recipe for your perfect dinner.


One of the most important things to begin with is to have a list of prerequisites all covered up. You need to have a separate diary for your recipes. This will not only keep you organized but also motivate you to note more recipes and get creative with them. Have a special spot in your kitchen for your diary and always keep a pen/pencil with it so it is convenient.


Ingredients are what makes the food, well food. The trick to writing down the ingredients is to keep in mind what flavors match with one another. The flavors that contrast well together are to be kept in mind while writing down your recipes, this will help you to have a good idea about what you will be doing to these ingredients for enhancing the required flavors. This is to also for your convenience to enlist ingredients in the order that they will be used in so that it is easier to follow. Another important factor for ingredients are to write them down along their respective quantities.


The method or the procedure of the recipe involves the whole cooking process, the complete sequence to what should be added in first, what second and so on. This part is said to be the most important one indeed because these are the in-depth instructions of your master piece. It is advised that one should always write down the complete method and procedure of their recipe before actually beginning to make it, even for the first time. This is because it will help you revise the procedure before you attempt it. Note carefully the time everything needs to go through a process for, for example, for how long is will the lemon cake sit in the oven and at what temperature. It is all about the numbers.

Other things to be kept in mind

Along the main ones mentioned earlier, it is equally significant to keep a track of some other things as well. These include precision and measurements.

When writing down your recipe, you need to be extremely precise, especially when quantities are under consideration. The controlled calculations of quantities are what makes the food edible and make it come out as the same dish each time when prepared.

Measurements are again quantities but you need to write them to be standard, based upon what you are using to make these measurements. If you are using grams to measure flour, then make sure to measure all the other flour-like ingredients in grams as well, otherwise the standard size of cups would do as well.