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3 Important Walima Dresses for Pakistani Weddings

Every bride wants to look ten times more beautiful on her wedding than she usually does. Who wouldn’t want to look stunning on her special day? On their walima day, brides want to look elegant and exquisite and to make […]


Favorite Game of Travelers with Playing Cards

If you are an avid traveler you have inevitably experienced some form of delay during your travel time period, and not once or twice but numerous times. In which, the majority of the times you must have been incredibly bored […]

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How to write a recipe for dinner?

Don’t you ever just hate it when your special guest is coming over for dinner and you forget the instructions to that one thing you make the best? Or the times when your cravings are at peek and you cannot […]

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When and which toys to give your baby to play with

Are you a new mom? Or just an elder sibling waiting for the time your baby sister or brother will be old enough to play? The very few months are spent just staring, giggling or crying but there comes a […]


How to Engage with New Followers on Instagram

Social media engagement on Instagram is basically the interaction between the account admin and their followers. There is no specific way of engagement. It can be through the likes, the comments, the mentions, the use of hashtags and much more. […]