The Alabama Tornadoes Facts and Latest Updates

Tornadoes and tornado warning The air extending towards the earth’s surface from the thunderstorm forms a tornado. The most important component of the tornado formation is the wind shear. Tornados can cause a lot of human life and property damage. […]

Tornado News

First Twister Of 2020 Witnessed By Maine

Weather Report On Tuesday 14th July 2020: • First tornado of 2020 hits the Maine • EF-0 Tornado • First tornado after three years but contradiction exists According to the Fox National News, on Saturday the first tornado of 2020 […]

Health & Fitness

5 Foods that can relieve Nausea

No one wants to feel nauseous because it never feels good. It can cause headache and affects a person’s mood. There are many things that induce vomiting. It might be fever, or you might have eaten something that you are […]