What Does A Tornado Sound Like?

The weather is a continuously changing thing, one day it can be sunny and warm, and the next day it can be cold and raining. Most of the time, the weather doesn’t give us anything that we can handle. But […]


Best Mouse To Increase Clicking In 2021

Mouse click speed is very important in many cases. There are certain job or office related in which you have to click a lot and at a fast pace with pinpoint accuracy to fulfill them. Similarly these days there are […]

Tornado News

Deadly Tornado Engrave Its Path in The Minnesota

• A Strong storm was reported as a tornado • Expiration of tornado warning • Extreme weather conditions at Mankot • Severe weather forecasting on Monday On Saturday 18th July 2020: A powerful storm was reported as a deadly tornado […]


Facts About Dallas Tornado 2019 You Should Know

Dallas is the capital of Northern Texas with a vast history of facing natural disasters such as massive thunderstorms, most commonly the tornadoes that have caused extensive destruction every time it occurs in the region. A year ago, in October, […]

Tornado News

An Unexpected Tornado Touches Down In The Western Maine

Tornado Hits Maine On Tuesday 14th July 2020: • First 2020 tornado in New England • Reality defies the news • With a tornado, no fatalities were reported On Saturday afternoon in Maine, locals witnessed the severe weather condition that […]

Tornado Questions

5 Steps of IELTS Preparation in 2020

IELTS is an international English testing system that is essential for the students and immigrants to pass to get admission or job in foreign countries. It is important to qualify this test as 144 countries in the world demand for […]


What Is A Microburst?

Tornadoes and microbursts can both sound like a moving train and have winds over a hundred miles an hour but there is a pretty big difference between them as the temperature usually form on the backside of an extremely thunderstorm […]


How Many Tornadoes Occur In The U.S Each Year?

Tornadoes are a part of natural disasters that occur very frequently all across the globe; on every continent except Antarctica. No state in the world is prone to the destruction caused by these tornadoes annually. In fact, every single state […]