The most ferocious storms in the US in the last 50 years

Nature is increasingly making itself the talk of the town. And it does not matter in what tones, the main thing is that the event should be memorable! If nature does not agree with human activity, it starts to panic with the help of storms, hurricanes, tornadoes. And here’s a look at how many celestial storms have swept over the United States in the last 50 years.

1. Hurricane Katrina (2005).

  • A Category 5 hurricane that hit New Orleans and the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Caused 1,836 deaths and more than $100 billion in damage.
  • Known for its devastating winds, torrential rains, and catastrophic flooding.

2. Hurricane Sandy (2012).

  • A Category 3 hurricane that hit the east coast of the United States.
  • Caused 285 deaths and more than $70 billion in damage.
  • Known for extensive flooding, high winds and power outages.

3. The Moore, Oklahoma tornado (1999).

  • An EF-5 tornado, one of the most powerful in U.S. history.
  • Killed 36 people and caused more than $1.5 billion in damage.
  • Known for its destructive power that flattened entire neighbourhoods.

4. California wildfires (2018)

  • A series of major wildfires that raged in California.
  • Caused 103 deaths and more than $14.5 billion in damage.
  • Known for their scale, which led to the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of people.

5. “The Great Snow Storm” (1978).

  • One of the worst snow storms in U.S. history.
  • Caused 29 deaths and more than $5 billion in damage.
  • Known for its heavy snowfalls that paralysed the transport system.


  • Hurricane Katrina: “I saw houses being ripped off their foundations and blown away by the wind. People were in a panic, didn’t know what to do.”
  • Hurricane Sandy: “The water got so high it flooded my house. We lost everything.”
  • Moore tornado: “It was the sound of a train rushing right at us. I thought we were going to die.”
  • Forest fires in California: “The sky was black with smoke. We were forced to evacuate, not knowing if we would ever get home.”
  • The Great Snow Storm: “We were trapped in our homes for days. There was no food or electricity.”

These storms are just some of the most ferocious to hit the U.S. in the last 50 years. They left behind destruction, loss and memories that will never be forgotten.

  • The average number of tornadoes in the U.S. over the past five years is 1,245 per year.
  • The year 2021 was a record year for the number of tornadoes.
  • The highest number of tornadoes are usually recorded in the central part of the United States (“Tornado Alley”).

Tornadoes can cause significant damage, but the death toll has been relatively low in recent years due to improved early warning and response systems.

  • NOAA also tracks the strength of tornadoes.
  • The EF (Enhanced Fujita) scale is used to rate the intensity of tornadoes by wind speed and degree of destruction.
  • EF-5 tornadoes are the most powerful type.
  • In the last five years, 22 EF-5 tornadoes have been recorded.

Tornadoes are perhaps the most dangerous weather events that can cause significant damage.


Be aware of weather forecasts.

  • Know what to do in the event of a tornado warning.
  • Have a plan in place in case of a natural disaster.

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