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How a tornado starts

A tornado begins with a set of meteorological conditions leading to the formation of a powerful upward flow of air. Here are the main stages of tornado formation. Conditions for thunderstorm cloud formation Warm and moist air. The presence of […]

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Slottyway Casino: reasons for its popularity

The popularity of Slottyway Casino can be attributed to several factors. These include: attractive bonuses, the safety and reliability of the casino, the presence of a valid international licence, an extensive catalogue of certified games and so on. What makes […]

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Routes to towns where tornadoes have struck America

The United States experiences about 1,000 tornadoes annually each year. Some of the cities most affected by tornadoes are: Moore, Oklahoma: Tuscaloosa, Alabama: Joplin, Missouri: These towns were rebuilt after the tornado, but the scars from these natural disasters remain. […]

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Deadly Tornado Engrave Its Path in The Minnesota

• A Strong storm was reported as a tornado • Expiration of tornado warning • Extreme weather conditions at Mankot • Severe weather forecasting on Monday On Saturday 18th July 2020: A powerful storm was reported as a deadly tornado […]

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An Unexpected Tornado Touches Down In The Western Maine

Tornado Hits Maine On Tuesday 14th July 2020: • First 2020 tornado in New England • Reality defies the news • With a tornado, no fatalities were reported On Saturday afternoon in Maine, locals witnessed the severe weather condition that […]

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First Twister Of 2020 Witnessed By Maine

Weather Report On Tuesday 14th July 2020: • First tornado of 2020 hits the Maine • EF-0 Tornado • First tornado after three years but contradiction exists According to the Fox National News, on Saturday the first tornado of 2020 […]