5 reasons why Youtube likes are important for sustainable growth

The YouTube Significance

You might have heard of creating good content for growth, engaging with comments, and having more shares for growth. What we are discussing here is how more likes can provide you with reasonable growth.

It of course will vary with the type of content you produce and whether your youtube subscribers will like it. YouTube is a big platform and id more like a home of opportunities, the more you strive the more you receive. Receiving likes is equally as important as any other possibility on Youtube.

Why likes are important

The importance of likes also varies from person to person. For a blogger, it is highly necessary and someone who doesn’t want to earn money through their content doesn’t need many likes.

People even end buying Youtube likes for their growth and visibility and to be more famous that too in the best way possible. They hold equal status to comments and shares and of course allow you to estimate what percentage of viewers are liking the content you are producing.

How do likes help with growth

  1. 1.Ranking

The more likes you have the more chances of you appearing in Youtube ranking. YouTube’s algorithm approach depends on the interaction between viewer and producer. It’s obvious that the likes are representing that the content is being loved and deserves to be ok the feed, therefore providing you with more views and growth.

2. Sharing

When users check likes on a video, it inspires them to view it. This in turn results in them sharing the video with their friends and the chain hopefully goes on. Youtube videos are not entirely based on views but also likes and shares.


We have already discussed how likes can improve your appearance in ranking, another benefit of this ranking is better competition. YouTube at times can be all about competition, there are a bunch of users following trends and creating videos with similar titles and types.

Why someone will choose your video over another is based on likes. Does YouTube rank the videos with more likes on top of the one with less and what’s better than that? This is a great way of people choosing your videos over any other thinking that it is more reliable and entertaining.

  1. 4. Allows you to produce more content

    What we are speaking about here is self-confidence. Nothing you do works out if you are not confident yourself. When you see satisfying likes on your videos it allows you to brainstorm more ideas, produce more content, and be confident about it.

Of course the output of this is better and better videos, you enjoy your work and put your heart in it that will make users view your content more and more.

5. Fame and Money

Although it is completely false that Youtube directly pays for the number of likes you have on your video, indirectly yes this growth is giving you money and fame.  When your content is being loved and watched, brands will of course collaborate and these collaborations are usually paid and puts your limelight.

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