The 8 most dangerous hiking routes in the world

There are many dangerous hiking routes in the world that require a high degree of caution and courage in those who decide to tackle them. Here are eight of them:

  1. The Way of Death (Caminito del Rey), Spain: This route along the gorge of the Caminito del Rey mountain range is famous for its narrow path attached to the rocks. It was considered one of the most dangerous in the world until it was reconstructed in 2015.
  2. Grindelwald Route, Switzerland: A mountain route in the Swiss Alps that provides spectacular views of glaciers and cliffs, but is also dangerous for unprepared travellers.
  3. The Narrows Canyon Hike, USA: This route in Zion National Park in Utah leads through a narrow canyon where hikers often have to walk waist-deep in water.
  4. Huangshan, China: The Huangshan, or Yellow Horizon Mountains, are famous for their beautiful scenery but are also home to dangerous treks and steep cliffs.
  5. El Caminito del Rey, Chile: This trek follows a narrow concrete path along the slopes of a canyon.
  6. Walking on the Franz Josef Glacier Bridge, New Zealand: In this region, ice falls are common and bridges can collapse.
  7. Smuggler’s Notch, USA: This hiking trail is located in Vermont and includes steep slopes and dangerous passages.
  8. Santiago Route (Camino de Santiago), Spain: This ancient path is about 800 kilometres long and can be dangerous due to elevation changes and adverse weather conditions.

Before embarking on any of these routes, it is important to be well prepared, observe safety precautions and perhaps consult local experts or guides.

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