5 Foods that can relieve Nausea

No one wants to feel nauseous because it never feels good. It can cause headache and affects a person’s mood. There are many things that induce vomiting. It might be fever, or you might have eaten something that you are unable to digest. However, there are some foods that can help you when you are nauseating. It is very important to stay healthy as you would be unable to eat hard foods after you have just vomitted. People don’t want to eat anything when they are nauseous because they think anything that they will eat might induce vomiting. Therefore, you should consider the following foods to eat or drink to help relieve nausea.

Cold foods

It is wise to eat cold foods than hot foods because they are soft. You don’t have to chew these foods. Another reason is that cold foods generals don’t have a very strong smell which can relieve your feelings of nausea. Researches prove that one basic factor that can cause nausea is the smell of various foods. Therefore, cold food intake would be best. You can have ice cream, yoghurt, salad, custard or any other soft foods of this type.


Ginger has been known has a wonder food that relieves nausea for years. Eating a solid ginger could be hard and its smell can trigger your brain. Therefore, make ginger tea and drink it. Take some hot water, when it comes to boil, add some ginger. Pour it into a cup and just drink it. It will make you feel fresh, and also relieve stress along with nausea. This is highly effective for pregnant women who often feel nauseated.



Bananas can help you stay hydrated and ensures that your body is having enough levels of potassium. A body loses excessive levels of potassium as a result of vomiting which is not good for health. Therefore, eating a banana can help you stay healthy, energetic and it can relieve nausea as well.

Incorporate BRAT in your meals 

This means you should add Banana, Rice, Applesauce, and Toasts in your diet to feel nutritious and healthy even during nausea. These foods are not so hard and also not very difficult to digest. Moreover, these are rich in vitamins, minerals, potassium etc. that you need to take in regularly. Banana is rich in potassium and apple is rich in fiber. Eating a bare apple might be hard, so you can go for applesauce. However, it’s important to notice that this diet would be helpful when you are nauseated and provide energy for the short term. Because of this, you should get back to normal diet once you feel better.


Water is the cure for every disease. If you drink water from time to time, it will give your body the hydration it requires. Taking in small amount of water will ensure that your feelings of nausea does not lead to a headache. However, it is necessary to keep in mind to start drinking smaller quantities and then move to larger quantities. If you drink too much water all at once, it can make your nausea worse.

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