First Twister Of 2020 Witnessed By Maine

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On Tuesday 14th July 2020:

First tornado of 2020 hits the Maine
• EF-0 Tornado
• First tornado after three years but contradiction exists

According to the Fox National News, on Saturday the first tornado of 2020 hits the Maine with zero fatalities.

The national weather service stated that around 3:30 pm tornado hits the Hiram and headed towards the Cumberland country. And the weather in Cumberland Maine shows that the state was under alert of a tornado and destructive thunderstorms.

And the NWS reported an alert as the less severe tornado will hit the state and it will transfer into havoc destruction within no time. In news, tornado alerts assist the masses in migration, etc.

Tornado Prediction

Weather forecasters can predict the intensity of the tornado to some extent, but not the limit. So, the National severe storms laboratory devised an easy method to predict the strength of tornado and that is done by estimating the speed of the wind and the damage it caused.

Back in 2007, the EF scale was introduced to rate the tornados based on the above criteria.

So this tornado was given a rating of EF-0 according to the system by measuring its approximated maximum speed of the wind that is 80 miles per hour. And EF-0 depicts less intense damage to the state.

Tornado Impact

According to the statement of the forecast office, a tornado was eye-witnessed near the island along the Barker pond on the western side. And several trees were downed and uprooted at the end of Barker pond. And according to the National weather services, this tornado has a less severe impact on the masses as no fatality or injuries were observed except the deterioration of tin roofs.

On Saturday afternoon, when a tornado hits New England, the Maine weather was sunny and brighter than before and the temperature was approximately in the 80s. But according to the weather forecasters, Maine weather tomorrow’s update include only a sudden rain shower and thunderstorm.


It was the first tornado after three years, but the locals reported another tornado back in 2019. Although tornados have no fixed time duration but there are specific seasons that warn the masses about the twisters.

In August, EF-1 tornado hits the Washington country in Maine. EF-1 indicates that the wind speed ranges from 86 to 110 mph during the tornado with a moderate level of damage.

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