Can Tornadoes Be Stopped?

With all the latest developments aimed at controlling the weather, many are wondering; can tornadoes be stopped? These life-threatening, devastating natural disasters are known to wreak havoc across many parts of the world, and devising a way to control it seems intensely appealing. Scientists have discovered several plausible solutions to this crucial question. Tornadoes can indeed be stopped.

Ways Of A Stopping A Tornado

A tornado is formed when a cold layer of dry air covers a hot layer underneath it. When this happens, the warm air rises but is blocked by the blanket of cold air. This pressure shift causes strong, destructive spinning updrafts, packed with energy. Stopping a tornado aims at disturbing these currents and disrupting the energy flow.

  1. Using An Explosion To Disrupt The Tornado

    Can tornadoes be stopped?

Since explosions are accompanied by a massive wind flow, many researchers have questioned; can a tornado be stopped with a bomb? The answer to that is, yes it can. By blowing a massive bomb directly in the path of the air currents, the tornado can be disrupted. The problem, however, is that it is not guaranteed that the shift in the air currents would not transfer the energy into a larger natural disaster. A new tornado could very well take form, either right there, or several miles away. So, how to control a tornado that does not involve such a risk?

  1. Using Sound Waves

If using wind as interference involves the risk of transferring energy, can sound waves stop a tornado? Researchers have speculated that sound waves or noise can also act as an alternate disturbance to break tornadoes. Prevention of tornadoes in this way is less detrimental to the environment

  1. Use Microwaves To Heat The Cold Downdraft

A tornado forms only when there is both a warm updraft and a cold downdraft. If one of these is disrupted, the tornado will be stopped. Researchers have suggested the use of microwave beams from satellites to heat the cold drafts so that the tornado can no longer grow.

  1. Constructing Walls Around The City Perimeters

Another clever strategy to stop tornadoes is the use of steel walls as windbreakers in the same way explosives block air currents. This idea took form after the realization that steel-framed buildings could withstand the strong winds caused by tornadoes.

Can tornadoes be stopped?

Tornadoes are extremely destructive to property and life. If researchers are able to understand and effectively implement strategies to stop tornadoes, it could prove quite beneficial.

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