NWS confirms Tornado West of North Mankato in weekend storm

On Monday  13th July 2020:Mankato Minn, the national weather service office present in twin cities, revealed the Tornado that occurred in West of North Mankato this Saturday afternoon. According to news, the Tornado was weak and strength as EF-0, and the wind speed was just 80 miles per hour. According to the Enhanced Fujita scale, the tornado strength range in EF-0 to EF-5. Zero is the week while the fifth grade s the violent type of the Tornado.

North Mankato Tornado

In North Mankato, the Tornado touched 2.5 miles toward the north side of the Golf course. On Saturday at 3.08 pm, it struck to 520th street. It broke hundreds of trees, ripped off a portion of a machine shed roof. It uprooted trees as well as flattened the corn. It moved 2.45 miles toward the south.

On its path, the 6-minute Tornado also lifted the North links of the Golf course around 3:14 pm. According to national weather service hail reports, the width of the Tornado was about 125 yards.

Tornado Destruction

The damage is observed in the straight line from, Mankato airport to the automated weather station in Eagle Lake. The wind power at that time was about 58 miles per hour. According to the NWS survey, all the damage that occurred on Saturday was because of the Tornado. NWS is still studying the tornado path and rating at that time.

The analysis by the team revealed that damage to west of North Mankato as because of the Tornado. The work is going, and NWS will release further reports after a complete survey on Tornado’s rating that struck Mankato this Saturday.

Tornado After-Math

On discussing the Tornado rating and its violence in past, the National weather service, it was revealed that EF-4 was struck in Mississippi with winds of 170 mph with the least speed of 67.7 miles. Moreover, nws gray state that the severe winds were reported across Minnesota and Mankato on Saturday that pushed the state. In Mankato, the strength was less; therefore, no injuries or death reported in that state.

According to the news, it is expected that the state may get one more round of Tornado next week.

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