Deadly Tornado Engrave Its Path in The Minnesota

  • • A Strong storm was reported as a tornado
    • Expiration of tornado warning
    • Extreme weather conditions at Mankot
    • Severe weather forecasting on Monday

On Saturday 18th July 2020: A powerful storm was reported as a deadly tornado by the news reporters. This storm started its journey from the west-central portions of Minnesota before heading towards the south-east. And also another tornado was reported by locals near Cormorant as the prior storm passed through Becker country.

Tornado Expected Time

About 3 pm, this storm reached the area of Mankota that serves as a signal for National weather Service to issue a warning for another havoc tornado. The prediction was based on keeping in view the past tornado season. These additional warnings will assist the locals in migration or other alternatives that they can opt for to save their lives and valuable stuff.

As the fear of tornado has overlapped, the people of Mankota but the warning penned down by the National weather service was only a warning in the news that has no connection with the reality. And defying the predictions of weather forecasters, no tornado hits the Mankota on the expected date.

The storm was compounded by severe weather conditions instead of Tornado. And at Mankota, hail, heavy rainfall, strong wind, gust has been observed by the system with 60 miles per hour average speed.

Mankota airport

But at Mankota airport, the system recorded 58 miles per hour gust. Although severe weather conditions have been reported by locals but without any severe damage. Only a few trees were fell and nothing more.

According to the weather forecasters, the storm has changed its direction i.e. from the south into lowa. But the threats of storm and tornado are still present that their appearance is expected on Monday i.e. most probably in the evening.

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