Violent’ Minnesota tornado packed 170 mph winds, NWS says

On Monday  13th July 2020: According to the forecasters, the Tornado that ripped across western Minnesota this Wednesday killed one person and injured three persons. It was considered as one of the powerful tornadoes of the year.

On Friday, the national weather service reported that Twister was EF-4 type with wind power of 170 mph. This caused significant damage to the area.

Tornado Report

Around 5.08 pm, the Twister touched the 6.5 miles west if Ashby in Grand country. Then it traveled to the 9miles towards Otter tail near the Dalton town. NWS further reported that initially, it was weak, and then it intensified in a powerful tornado.

Initially, the Tornado was a week after that; NWS said it quickly intensified into a destructive force. It caused severe damage to the machine shop. It was swept from the foundation. Therefore, killed one man and injured one person also.

Tornado Destruction 

The NWS further reported that a well constructed two-story house swept from its place and decimated in the distant fields. Moreover, the couple who took shelter at home got injuries when a vehicle and the debris were thrown in the basement.

According to the forecast news, that storm continued for some time across the southern Otter Tail country. There is an assumption that it has produced one or more extra small tornadoes in its path. Further, NWS stated that it was the first EF-4 Tornado in Minnesota after 2010.

National Severe Storms revealed that to determine the Tornado strength, there is a need to estimate the wind speed that is assessed by the severity of the damage.NWS uses the enhanced Fujita Scale to get strength and rates of tornadoes. Different indicators used in the scale assess the damage of structures like schools, mobile homes, trees, and barns.

According to the Storm prediction center, the tornadoes are violent when the wind speed is between 166 and 200mph. The other category of the Tornado is known as Twister that causes devastating effects.

Minnesota Tornado

Furthermore, Ashby mayor called Minnesota Tornado as a pretty destructive thing. In March, a Tornado with a 175 mph speed in Tennesse became the cause of 18 people dead.

The Tornados with higher speed are dangerous and cause many destruction.

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