Essential elements that make a video viral on TikTok

Everyone knows the power of viral video- overnight success. With the essential ingredients for viral videos, every message becomes a masterpiece. Whether you are a newbie or have hundreds of followers on TikTok, you must have a desire that your videos go viral, but of course, it is not a cup of tea. With the right strategy and buy TikTok views, you can make your videos viral. What are the elements that make a video viral? What are the critical success factors for the design and implementation of online videos? Let’s find out together what the important elements are that make your TikTok video viral.

What are viral videos?

Viral videos (alternatively viral clip, viral spot, or short viral) are web videos, which are strategically placed and spread through proactive marketing measures to generate maximum attention on the Internet within a very short time.

Why do videos go viral?

The success of online videos is based on the word-of-mouth principle, which works online just as it does in life outside the Internet. People trust the recommendations of relatives, friends, acquaintances, and colleagues. According to the Keller Fay Group, personal recommendations primarily occur when at least one of these six principles is fulfilled:

  1. People keep telling what makes them look good.
  2. People pass on what they can easily remember.
  3. People share emotional content because they care.
  4. People reproduce what is publicly recognizable.
  5. People spread information that helps others.
  6. People like to tell stories.

What are the characteristics of viral videos?

Most viral videos are inherent in having one of the following four characteristics:


Who doesn’t love it? It is just like a little break from gray everyday life. Then a laugh comes just right. That’s why humorous videos are so popular. Nevertheless, creating such a video is not that easy. There are many, and standing out from the crowd is a challenge. Whoever succeeds virally deserves it.


If you want to get the attention of your target group, you have to stand out. Content must be created that is not expected and breaks out of the known. The possibilities are many, but the surprise effect works best.


Anyone who creates emotional tension can make the audience sympathetic, enthusiastic, or even compassionate. Stories with which the viewer can identify are particularly well suited for this.


The active involvement of the viewer is always well received. Acting yourself is “still” more or less new and inspires users. Deciding on a course of action differs from conventional videos so that the interactive video stands out from the crowd.

Types of viral videos 

A look at the most successful videos shows that they use the above principles. Because two classes of videos are particularly successful:

  1. Funny videos
  2. Inspirational videos

 Funny videos

These include:

  • Dance and music videos
  •  Funny story films

All these videos have in common that the music is very catchy and easy to remember.  Funny dance movements, which are often self-ironic, work particularly well. The virality of these videos is also increased because numerous copycat videos are made – mostly by influencers such as YouTube celebrities. They further increase the video’s initial growth momentum. It helps if the video contains a choreography that you can dance to. These videos also convey zest and humor. They show that you don’t have to take yourself too seriously and you can just have fun.

Inspirational videos

If videos are to convey serious facts, you can only be successful if they tell a story. Stories are always about people, and there is an identification figure, a hero. So these videos can also do wonder. With all these strategies, you can buy TikTok shares to increase your videos’ virality.

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