What Does A Tornado Sound Like?

The weather is a continuously changing thing, one day it can be sunny and warm, and the next day it can be cold and raining. Most of the time, the weather doesn’t give us anything that we can handle. But sometimes at some places, there can be extreme weather like big thunderstorms like hurricanes or snowstorms and of the dominant kind of severe weather out there is a kind of a storm that scientists pay close attention to are Tornadoes. A tornado is a fast spinning dark column of air that stretches from a thunderstorm cloud in the sky down to the earth’s surface.

What sound does a tornado make?

Because tornadoes turn and twistedly move, they are sometimes called twisters. They form inside massive thunderstorms when cold, dry air from one direction bumps into warm, wet air from a different direction. Because the cold air is more substantial, it slides down under the warm air and pushes it up fast. All of this fast-moving air rushing up and down can create the scary sound of a tornadowhich most of the time sounds like a tremendous roar.

What Does A Tornado Sound Like When It’s Coming?

According to the People who have witnessed tornadoes, a tornado sounds like a train and the wheels’ vibrating sound against the rail track. While the most common sound of a twister is like that of a continuous thunder or roar. Tornadoes can make various sounds, but the kind of noise or sound you hear relies upon a few things, including

The size of twister
• Strength or power of the thunderstorm
• What comes in the way
• Distance from you
• Pressure of air

Considering the above facts, sometimes the sound of a coming tornado is compared to the sound of a waterfall, a violent sound of roaring thunder, and a jet engine.

What Does A Tornado Warning Siren Sound Like?

Tornado siren is a sound of the siren that lasts for three minutes providing awareness to the people with the warning or sign of any climatic dangers such as tornadoes and thunderstorms. People should come out of their homes as soon as they hear the sound of sirens and wait for the sirens to stop so they should go back to their homes. For getting further details about the size, strength, duration and bout the, turn on the TV or radio.

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