How to train your upper chest with push-ups

Push-ups are a great exercise for training the upper chest. To emphasise efforts on the upper chest, you can use the following push-up techniques and variations:

1. Push-ups on a narrow support:

  • Use a relatively narrow width between your hands to accentuate upper chest work.
  • As you perform this exercise, rise up and forward, pointing your torso toward your arms.

2. Positive bends (above the head):

  • Place your feet on a platform or bench so that your torso is above your head.
  • This exercise effectively works your upper chest and front shoulders.

3. Push-ups with leg raises:

  • Perform push-ups by raising one or both legs to the height of a bench or benches.
  • This creates an extra angle and puts more stress on your upper chest.

4. Do push-ups with the position of your arms:

  • Try changing the angle of your arms to vary your workout. For example, push-ups with tilted arms and push-ups with high arms (“butterfly”) can more accentuate the upper chest.

5. Increasing the load:

  • Gradually increase the load by adding weight or using a chest thrust board to support your legs.
  • This will help you strengthen your upper chest workout.

Remember proper technique in performing push-ups, control the range of motion and avoid putting undue strain on your neck and back. Regular practice and gradually increasing the intensity will help you develop your upper chest. If you are inexperienced in training, it is recommended to start with basic push-ups and gradually progress to more complex variations.

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