Kansas City Tornado

Tornados affect the city of Kansas during the season only, so the Kansas City tornado season takes place in the months of April to June and November to December. The weather forecast forecasts the chances and sent a Kansas City tornado warning. The tornado warning for Kansas City prevents the damage as it informs the people to take precautionary measures beforehand.

Kansas City Tornado

Spring Season Of Kansas

The spring season of Kansas mostly brings the tornadoes threat. On state level, about 47 tornadoes hits yearly, however most of them cause more property damage than life damage. The chances of actually seeing a tornado is very rare as with warning people take precautions and try to stay in door. But those who encountered the twisters have got many dramatic incidents to share.

Kansas City Tornado History

Kansas City Tornado history shows a constant trend of tornadoes taking place year after year. The weather conditions had made this place more exposed to tornadoes. History shows that some tornadoes were really deadly while the others caused significant damage to the property only.

The 2003 Kansas City Tornado was one of the most dangerous Kansas tornados, it was the F4 tornado. Further in South the two intense thunderstorms developed, it affected the Crawford city and continued to get intensified. It missed the city of Pittsburg and instead affected the Ringo and Franklin areas. This tornado killed 3 people and caused a damage of almost $7 million. It also affected the state of Missouri and caused another $5 million of damage

Kansas City Tornado

The 2019 Kansas City Tornado was forecasted by the weather forecast. A tornado warning was being sent beforehand and in just 30 minutes after the alert the tornado hit the Kansas City. The tornado dodged city Kansas and instead affected the suburban areas in neighborhood. There it only caused the property damage, no other causalities were reported. The golf ball sized hailstorm was reported which caused most damages to homes. The tornado however was upgraded to an emergency situation.

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