The Alabama Tornadoes Facts and Latest Updates

Tornadoes and tornado warning

The air extending towards the earth’s surface from the thunderstorm forms a tornado. The most important component of the tornado formation is the wind shear. Tornados can cause a lot of human life and property damage. Proper precautionary and necessary measures must be followed to prevent the damage. A tornado warning is telecasted with the weather forecast, as soon as one receives the warning, it is mandatory to take the precautions.

In the case of a tornado warning one must follow the following rules;

• Find safe shelter instantly
• Try to stay in door
• If you are in door than move to basement and close the windows
• If you are driving than move to a nearby safe building

Alabama tornadoes

Alabama in United States is more prone to cyclone due to its geography and Alabama weather conditions.  Every year tornadoes hit Alabama multiple times. Every year it gets stronger and the destruction it causes is higher than the previous one. The Alabama tornado path is studied using the Alabama tornado map, which helps find the location where the tornado has touched the ground and the trend of tornadoes in Alabama during the past years.

Spring is generally the Alabama tornado season from March to May, the second season of occurrence is during the months of November and December.

Every year the Alabama tornado outbreak is different than the previous one. As during Alabama tornado 2018, the tornadoes that took place were weighted greatly towards the EF0/EF01 weak tornadoes. Fortunately no lives losses were reported, only few people sustained injuries.

The 2019 Alabama outbreak occurred in the month of March made a lot of headlines. The Lee County Alabama tornado was very dangerous and caused a lot of damages as it killed 23 people and destroyed many communities. The Alabama tornado victims suffered a lot of emotional and physical trauma and they ranged in age from 6 to 89 years.

Alabama tornado 2020 season started at a much fast pace than the average tornado start in the month of April, however since then the activity has been slowing down. As by the end of May Alabama has witnessed around 603 tornadoes, whereas on average 1253 tornadoes were reported annually. In 2020 the most deadly and the most destructive Alabama Dothan tornado has been witnessed. It is rated as the EF5, the most catastrophic one.

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