The Natural Phenomena Of Fire Tornadoes

A tornado itself is enough to wreak total havoc; imagine what it would be like if it was made of fire. This rare phenomenon was seen in California on July 26th, 2018; named the Carr Fire. This massive fire whirl was the second fire tornado the world has seen; the first one hitting the United States.

The Natural Phenomena Of Fire Tornadoes

The fire tornado in California took root from sparks caused by a flat tire in an RV trailer. These sparks resulted in dry debris catching fire and eventually spreading to an area three times that of Washington DC. This California fire tornado was the biggest fire tornado in history. The inferno caused by the tires scraping against the gravel got so strong that it resulted in a massive tornado!

How did the Hawaii fire tornado evolve?

The Natural Phenomena Of Fire Tornadoes

The National Weather Service (NWS) equipment identified a thin warm air layer at a height of 1000 meters, referred to as the inversion layer. This layer prevents air from rising high into the atmosphere by trapping it underneath. In the fire tornado Australia, this inversion layer acted as a barrier preventing heated smoke from escaping, resulting in a massive heat energy build-up. This trapped hot air pushed up causing the inversion layer to rise until it reached a height of 6,100 meters. Ultimately, the rising hot air punctured the air “cap” leading to a massive updraft. The wind shear pushed the storm clouds around and subsequently, there was high rotational energy (vorticity) which led to the formation of a tornado. This spinning column of air rose very high up into the air; forming what could be called a tornado in fire.

How To Make A Fire Tornado

This natural phenomenon has inspired many researchers and citizens alike. Making a fire tornado has become one of the interesting science experiments people want to try. Here is how you can do the experiment:

Step 1: find a base for the tornado to form in. This could be a wire mesh trash bin placed on top of a kitchen turntable. Then, place a bowl in the bin.

Step 2: place the following materials in the bowl; cotton swabs dipped in isopropyl alcohol, or kerosene. You can also place certain metals on top to add color to the flame.

Step 3: ignite the kerosene by using a match or a lighter.

Step 4: 5-10 seconds later, the flame will have built-up. You can now spin the bin at a moderate speed to enjoy the fire tornado.

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