The United States of America and Tornadoes, Facts

The United States of America and Tornadoes

America is known across the world for many reasons one of which is definitely tornadoes. Tornadoes are more common in America than they are in any other place on the face of earth. Every year, America receives more than 1200 tornadoes. The United States have witnessed the most violent tornadoes rating EF-4 and EF-5 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale.

Out of all the places in America, Ohio has a history of massive tornadoes. This place has a history of tornadoes. It sounds scary and so very dangerous as well.

Ohio :

The state of Ohio situated in the East North Central region of the Midwestern United States has always been up on the news because of the tornadoes that it has received. Studies say that Ohio receives at least 13 big tornadoes annually. Some of the very violent and massive tornadoes that took place in Ohio are worth mentioning.

Xenia Ohio Tornado :

The scary Xenia tornado happened on April 3, 1974. This devastating tornado that occurred 46 years ago from today damaged Xenia too much. It was a very powerful and intense tornado ranked as a F5 tornado. It injured almost 1200 people. The buildings that were destroyed by it were around 1400 in number. Nine schools and nine churches were leveled. 180 businesses were ripped apart because of this deadly tornado.

Shelby Ohio Tornado :

Shelby Ohio received a tornado in 2019, April 15. The National Weather Service of America confirmed that the tornado was an EF-2 tornado. The maximum speed of the tornado was calculated to be between 120-125 miles per hour. This tornado took roofs off of many houses. Many trees were snapped. Many vehicles were drifted off the road and damaged unrepairably.

Celina Memorial Day Tornado :

A crazy tornado rated as an EF-3 touched Celina on May 28, 2019. It was categorized by the weather services to be a very serious hit. The tornado tore the roofs of many houses. Many vehicles were flipped and damaged. Trees were shredded and uprooted. Seven people were seriously injured while one person lost the race of life to this tornado.

Dayton Ohio Tornado :

On May 28, 2019 a numerous number of tornadoes touched down in Dayton and some other Ohio communities. The areas that the tornadoes hit were densely populated. It was found to be an EF-3 tornado by the Weather Services with winds up to 140 mph. The city of Beavercreek in Greene County was struck by a catastrophic tornado resulting into the loss of many houses, a lot of shredded trees and destroyed vehicles. The tornado injured many and took the life of an 80 year old man.

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