What Should I Do During A Tornado Warning

On the issuance of tornado warning, it is being declared that the weather radar has either sighted or indicated a tornado. When a warning is issued it means that there is high possibility of life and property damage to occur, and one should immediately seek for tornado shelter.

There are few important steps that provide insight.

How to survive a tornado

  1. • Stay informed; in order to stay updated one must continue to listen to news or to weather radio to get insights on the upcoming tornado
    • Stay at your home; if you have received tornado warning, to overcome the tornado fear, the safest place to be is your basement.
    • Tornado rooms or shelters; Try to find a tornado room, tornado room is a place made of concrete and steel. It has been designed to overcome the power of a tornado.
    • At your workplace or institute; try to reach the safest place like tornado shelter as soon as possible. Stay away from big rooms and windows
    • Outside; try to find a building if you hear a tornado coming. Shades on the roadsides and the storage facilities are not safe as tornado shelter. Try to find a sturdy building.
    • In a vehicle; if you are driving a vehicle or you are in a vehicle, than you are not safe at all. It is best to find a safe tornado shelter, if it is too urgent than instantly abandon your vehicle and run towards the safest place.

what to do in a tornado?

If you are living in an area where tornadoes are expected, than try to get hold on to tornado drill in order to understand what to do in a tornado?

If the weather forecast has foretasted a tornado, even if it is days away from happening still it is best advised to learn what to do in a tornado warning?

  1. • Seek shelter to the nearer safest tornado room, tornado shelters are the safest place to be in a tornado, and the        local authorities will create these shelters on receiving the tornado forecast.
    • Try to say alert for the tornado alert sirens
    • If you have to leave a house you must beforehand know the safest tornado shelters on your way
    • If you live near a place where the tornadoes are high risk, than it is best to install tornado safe rooms in your homes.

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