The United States of America and Tornadoes, Facts

The United States of America and Tornadoes America is known across the world for many reasons one of which is definitely tornadoes. Tornadoes are more common in America than they are in any other place on the face of earth. […]


The Natural Phenomena Of Fire Tornadoes

A tornado itself is enough to wreak total havoc; imagine what it would be like if it was made of fire. This rare phenomenon was seen in California on July 26th, 2018; named the Carr Fire. This massive fire whirl […]


Tornado In Cape Cod 2019

Twisters are very uncommon thing to occur in Cape Cod. It was Tuesday, July 23, 2019 that a heavy tornado just hit the Cape Cod which caused a huge destruction to nature, people and their property. Its effects were even […]


Kansas City Tornado

Tornados affect the city of Kansas during the season only, so the Kansas City tornado season takes place in the months of April to June and November to December. The weather forecast forecasts the chances and sent a Kansas City […]


The Alabama Tornadoes Facts and Latest Updates

Tornadoes and tornado warning The air extending towards the earth’s surface from the thunderstorm forms a tornado. The most important component of the tornado formation is the wind shear. Tornados can cause a lot of human life and property damage. […]

Tornado News

First Twister Of 2020 Witnessed By Maine

Weather Report On Tuesday 14th July 2020: • First tornado of 2020 hits the Maine • EF-0 Tornado • First tornado after three years but contradiction exists According to the Fox National News, on Saturday the first tornado of 2020 […]